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Pores clogged with sebum metabolite and cuticles cause open comedones or blackheads which can be developed as acne vulgaris. This can be led by the excess sebum secretion due to increasing androgen during adolescence.

An open comedone is also known as a blackhead simply because of its appearance. The opening in such comedone allows the content inside to contact with air and become oxidized and blackened. Open comedone favors the colonization of propionibacterium acnes (acne-causing bacteria), leading to infections and inflammations and forms acnes of different levels: pustules, nodules, cysts etc. Mishandling of acne can result in permanent scars or hyperpigmentation.

Cauterization / Cryotherapy


Cauterization and Cryotherapy (freezing) are two common treatments for warts on skin.

Cauterization is more often used as treatment for smaller warts on skin, like flat wart. Skin after cauterization treatment will form scabs of similar size with those under treatments.   After the falling off of the scab, the skin may show certain degree of pigmentation, which will be gone within a few weeks to a few months normally, depending on the skin condition of individuals.

Cryotherapy, on the other hand, is more often used to treat larger or elevated skin warts. The doctor will apply liquid nitrogen of -196 ºC on affected skin area to freeze the core of warts and to destroy infected tissues. 

It should be noted that all related risks should be understood clearly before undergoing the treatment. Areas under treatment may incur side effects such as blistering or scab formation, pain, swelling or redness. These side effects will usually be gone within one to two weeks. If there is any problem before or after the treatment, consultation with the doctor is essential.

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Clear + Brilliant™ 1440nm / 1927nm

Medlite C3/C6 Nd:YAG Laser

Er:YAG / CO2 Laser

INTRAcel / Secret dermal RF

Chemical Peel

Lumenis® Intense Pulse Light

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