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Ray Lui by facematter C+ Collagen Firming Mask


Infused with an incredible range of anti-aging ingredients, this signature face treatment mask helps penetrate deep into the skin to restore radiance, soften fine lines and promote resilience, leaving skin supple and silky soft. Formulated with the innovative ASCIII collagen amplifier system, it effectively increases the production of collagen III, which helps repair the natural collagen support layers; thus, resulting in increase in skin elasticity, firmness and ultimately reduction of wrinkles. Enriched with other line-plumping and moisturizing ingredients, this mask is designed to offer your skin with professional skin rejuvenating results even after just one use.


After cleansing the face, apply the mask to the face for about 20-30 minutes. The mask can be taken. If the essence remains on the face, you can massage the abdomen to help the skin absorb.